Additional Learning Needs

The school recognizes individual talents and aptitudes. During their time at Valley School pupils may face some difficulties with the work. These children may need extra or different help to that of other children of the same age. Each child is an individual with different needs. Each child’s needs are assessed by their teachers and provision is made accordingly. Our school has a procedure to support all children.

Teachers will discuss this with the parents. This ensures that needs are discovered and identified early on and noted accordingly on the school’s ALN register. If the difficulties continue, the school will contact the Education Authority and usually be advised by a Specialist Teacher or Educational Psychologist.

These children will follow an Individual Development Plan and receive the appropriate individual support. A pamphlet is available for parents explaining this procedure in detail.

The influence of early intervention can be seen in the children’s progress and success by the end of KS2. Over the last 3 years 100% of children registered with ALN achieve a Core Subject Indicator by the time they leave school.

The school is committed to ensuring that all pupils are treated fairly and equally and no pupil is disadvantaged for whatever reason. The building is adapted for effective access for those with disabilities. The building has two lifts, a room dedicated for physiotherapy, disabled toilets, non-slip floors and ramps that allows full access to the National Curriculum and ensures that pupils with disabilities are fully integrated into all school activities including sports, swimming lessons and educational visits.


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